Tesla Model Y

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.What's new
  • The 2020 Tesla Model Y is an all-new model
  • SUV design that's smaller than the Model X
  • Related to the Model 3
  • Pros & Cons
  • Plenty of range
  • Stunning acceleration from the Performance model
  • Convenient Supercharger network for long-distance driving
  • Roomy seating front and rear
  • No Apple CarPlay or Android Auto smartphone integration
  • Overly stiff ride from the Performance model

    • Model : 2020 Tesla Model Y
    • Availibility : Available based on your demand
    • Year : 2020
    • Usage : Brand New


    2020 Tesla Model Y Review
    by the CheapAutos Experts
    The 2020 Tesla Model Y is an all-new electric small luxury SUV. It joins the Model X within Tesla's lineup of electric SUVs. It's smaller than the X and lacks some of the X's flashiness (or gimmickry, some might say). The Y, for instance, has regular doors instead of the X's upward rear swinging doors. In fact, the Y has a lot in common with the Tesla Model 3 sedan and has a similar interior design and electric powertrain. It's one of the first small electric luxury SUVs to hit the market, though automakers such as BMW and Volvo are also set to launch electric SUVs of their own.

    What's it like to live with the Model Y?
    Want to learn what it's like to own and drive a 2020 Tesla Model Y every day? The expert editorial team at CheapAutos bought one to find out. With plentiful interior room and eye-popping acceleration, there is a lot to like about this small luxury all-electric SUV. Read more in our Model Y long-term test, where we cover the ins and outs of ownership and cover aspects such as reliability and durability.

    Which Model Y does CheapAutos recommend? With electric vehicles, having more range is never a bad thing. Because of that, we'd recommend the all-wheel-drive Long Range version, which, according to the EPA, can go 316 miles on a single charge. (Note that Tesla recommends only charging to 90% to avoid shortening battery life.)
    Tesla Model Y models The Tesla Model Y is a fully electric small luxury SUV with seating for five people. Tesla says an optional third-row seat (with seating for two more people) will be coming out in 2021. The Model Y is currently available for order in two trim levels: Long Range and Performance, both of which use all-wheel drive.
    Long Range
    Capability and features include:

  • 316 miles of range, with Tesla-cited 0-60 mph time of 4.8 seconds
  • 19-inch wheels
  • 15-inch touchscreen
  • Power-adjustable front seats with heating
  • Panoramic glass roof
  • 14-speaker premium audio system
  • Four USB ports

  • All Model Ys also come with:
  • Adaptive cruise control (maintains a driver-set distance between the Model Y and the car in front)
  • Forward collision mitigation (warns you of an impending collision and applies the brakes in certain scenarios)
  • Lane keeping assist (steers the Model Y back into its lane if it begins to drift over the lane marker)
  • Blind-spot monitor (alerts you if a vehicle in the next lane over is in your blind spot)
  • Performance

  • Has the same feature but with:
  • Enhanced powertrain for a Tesla-cited 0-60 mph time of 3.5 seconds (range of 315 miles)
  • Main options for the Model Y include:

  • Full Self-Driving Capability option (provides additional semi-automated driving assistance features, such as automatic lane changes when driving on the highway)
  • Performance Upgrade for the Performance trim. It adds bigger 21-inch wheels and sport-tuned suspension and brakes (reduces range to 280-291 miles). Note that Tesla made this upgrade standard equipment for the Performance trim midway through the model year.
  • Tow hitch (adds a Class II tow hitch for lightweight trailers up to 3,500 pounds)

  • Specification

    Our Verdict 8.1/10
    The Model Y is a stylish and roomy electric SUV with strong appeal. In Performance trim, it's also extremely quick and dynamic. Unfortunately, the optional sport suspension and large wheels make for a relatively uncomfortable ride. And as with all other Teslas, the Y lags the rest of the industry when it comes to smartphone integration.
    How does the Model Y drive? 9.0
    We tested the Model Y Performance with the optional Performance Upgrade. Acceleration is rapid; our test car launched from 0 to 60 mph in just 3.7 seconds. Stopping capability from 60 mph is equally impressive; our test car stopped in just 108 feet. Both of those numbers are better than the stats of a lot of traditional sports cars, and the Y is certainly one of the fastest EVs we've tested to date. Steering and handling are also laudable despite the Model Y's heavy weight. The steering feels light and responsive to any input and gives you a sense of control and connection through a corner. There's minimal body roll, especially for an SUV. In-town drivability is excellent. Seasoned EV drivers will appreciate the adjustable regenerative braking that allows you to drive nearly exclusively using just the right pedal.
    How comfortable is the Model Y? 7.5
    The Model Y's cabin provides good comfort in some areas and disappoints in others. The seats are well padded and provide ample support, for example, and the seat heaters warm quickly. The climate control, like everything else, is touchscreen-operated. It can cool and heat the cabin well, but it has to work extra hard if the sun is out and beaming through the Y's expansive glass roof. You can remotely precondition the cabin before you get in, which is convenient. The biggest drawback in comfort is ride quality. The Model Y doesn't smooth out much in the way of bumps or road irregularities, and we suspect our test vehicle's large wheels and lower sport suspension only worsened the issue. The grippier summer tires also generate a bit more noise, though that's a typical trade-off for the added performance. For a smoother and quieter ride, we suspect the regular Model Y Long Range will be a better choice.
    How's the interior? 7.5
    The Model Y's cabin is spacious, with lots of headroom and legroom for all occupants. Getting in and out is easy thanks to the wide-opening doors, tall roof and low step-over height. Alas, the large touchscreen, while it looks cool and modern, is the Y's single gateway to controlling nearly everything. There's a learning curve to using the controls and the system is generally distracting to use while driving. Another issue: If the touchscreen flakes out, you lose the majority of access to the Model Y's controls. Forward visibility is impressive thanks to the tall and wide windshield and short hood. There's only a bit of obstruction from the large front windshield pillars when making turns. Rear visibility, however, is like what you get in a sport coupe. The slim rear window and high rear beltline greatly restrict what you can see out back.
    How's the tech? 8.0
    There are significant pros and cons when it comes to the Model Y's technology features. The big center screen is easy to see and has crisp-looking graphics. The navigation system, which is Google-based, has beautiful-looking graphics too. But the system can be slow to update in spotty service areas, leaving you temporarily mapless. The sound quality from the 14-speaker audio system is immersive. Biggest downside? There's no Apple CarPlay or Android Auto smartphone integration. Bluetooth is the only way to connect your phone, and it's a poor substitute compared with the more feature-packed capability of CarPlay and Android Auto. You can theoretically use Tesla's voice controls to do many things, such as set the cabin temperature or open the glovebox. Yet we found their effectiveness to be lacking in real-world use. Making simple requests, such as "call Mom," failed to work on multiple occasions in our testing. The Model Y's advanced driver aids, however, are excellent. The sophisticated adaptive cruise control, lane-centering and blind-spot monitoring, plus a real-time digital map of all the cars and motorcycles around you, are great tools on the open road. And if you're parked, you've got access to an internet browser that allows you to do stuff like watch Netflix or scroll through Youtube videos — provided you're up-to-date on your Tesla data plan ($9.99 a month) or connected to Wi-Fi. One of the greatest innovations from Tesla is constant over-the-air updates that can add new features and system optimizations.
    129 city / 112 hwy
    EPA kWh/100 mi
    EPA Electricity Range
    315 mi.
    EPA Time to Charge Battery (at 240V)
    10.0 hr.

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